Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Time! (Just a few weeks late)

First off, Happy Late Easter! It's way overdue, but I still wanted to share with you all what went on in our household for the weekend. My mom sent me some handcrafted goodies via UPS for Easter, and she made sure to include some annoying little paper goodies for Sidd to play with so he wouldn't feel left out. The video of him enjoying his present is below :)

I actually spent Easter day working, and Kevin enjoyed being at home and playing some WoW.
As much as we love Sidd, he is just a little to much for us to handle. Being a Siamese cat, he needs constant attention and it is recommended that you get Siamese cats in pairs. He just isn't happy being alone or on his own. Obviously, just one cat in our condo is enough .... so two cats wouldn't work out well. After school is out, Kevin and I are going to AZ for the weekend and we are going to let Sidd live with my mom and company in AZ. My mom has a bunch of animals and Sidd and them can have fun playing :) It will be more fair for Sidd, and it will save Kevin and I's sanity!

At least we tried :) And now ... I shall go back to writing my paper while Sidd peeks his head over my laptop.