Friday, August 31, 2007

7th Grade Memories

My braces are killing me...... and i think that something is wrong with my right upper gum area because i can't even smile without cold air touching my gums and them starting to throb. Of course my mouth decided to have issues on a 4 day weekend for my dentist and orthodontist.

p.s. yes i have braces now. i used to have them back in the 7-8th grade, but i was " cool " and never wore my retainers. So now i've decided to get braces again before the wedding so i can feel confident about my smile again. 8 more months till they are off.....

My Way Of Escape

So, i've become completely obsessed with the one thing i've always made fun of. Harry Potter. During the summer i went to Arizona and i saw the 5th movie in the theater with my family. I had never read the books before, never seen any of the movies, and always thought that the people that obsessed their lives around this series of books and movies really had nothing else better to do. After seeing the movie, which was pretty darn good ( even though i was lost throughout the whole thing) and after seeing the stack of all the books sitting in my brothers room going un-used, i decided to give it a try. I needed something new to peak my interest before school started. So i began.....

Now in one month i've read 4 of the books, and i'm now beginning the 5th. Obviously, i'm happy. Haha. I now take back making fun of individuals who sat with their noses in these books for the last few years, although i still am scared of the people that actually take it as far to dress up as the characters. They started off short and fun, and now they are developing into major novels and it's amazing to see the transition that J.K. Rowling makes with them. Even though they are simply written, the connection that the reader gets to feel with Harry and the others is simply amazing and it's easy to get completely lost and forget about what's going on around you.

So now i've learned to try things before i really do decide that i've disliked them, because i've found something that has made my summer that much better. And obviously about 90% of you out there have already read these, but if you haven't, give the first book a try and see what happens. You never know :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quick Ketchup?

So i've started this blog again because i feel like i have so many special things coming up this year that i want to be able to share them with everyone. So welcome, once again :)

I get to start school next week at CSULB! It took me a while to become excitied over this, because my summer just seemed to be cut way to short. I wasn't able to spend as much time traveling or doing the things i wanted because of not being able to get out of work, but that's life i guess. I was able to travel to Arizona though for 5 days, and i enjoyed that time away. But now i'm fully prepared and excited :) GO BEACH! I have to admit it's also fun that Kevin went there and graduated. Now we can decorate our apartment with Long Beach stuff and it's fun.

And .... for the fun wedding update!! We have 10 months to go until June 29th, our wedding. Kevin and I picked out where it will be held ( Calamigos - The LA Equestrian Center in Burbank) and it felt like a big accomplishment to get that part done. And last month my mom and Crystal ( my maid of honor) and I went shopping for a wedding dress, and after the 5th one that i tried on, i found mine ! I felt like something was missing because it was so easy ..... but i guess i'm just simple like that :) Kevin keeps bugging me to see if i will one day give in to telling him what it looks like, but so far i haven't budged :)

So for now thats just a quick update, and there will be a bunch more to come!

and yes.... i know i spelled the word Ketchup as my title, i thought i'd be quirky with my beginning of becoming an English Major.... just pretend you laughed