Monday, February 25, 2008

Joys of registering

Kevin: So you didn't register for a lot of Martha Stewart things did you?
Christie: *quiet*
Kevin: Crap
Christie: Here, you can just look....
Kevin: Holy Sh*t
Christie: heh heh heh
Christie: heh heh heh

haha .... i love this :) Don't worry..... i took the martha stewart meat tendorizer off the list for him, i'm not THAT mean :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is what i look like when i eat

Okay, some of you might know.... i have a VERY big soft spot for hedgehogs. Ever since i was little my grandma and i have been addicted to hedgehogs. ( Kevin had discovered my soft spot when we went into the pet store in Vegas and they sold them there.... i was THIS close to making him let me buy one..... yeah right lol)

Anyways, you have to watch this video till the end, the end makes it worth it :)

Ballerina memories

I remember the days that were so easy .... walking down the street from the condo my family and i had lived in until i was about 3. While walking down the street, my eyes caught on to many other girls my age who were running around in their tutus and twirling around, feeling the breeze and fresh air around them as they spun. My eye's had found their focus, and i was determined to one day be inside that dance studio with a ballerina outfit on and TWIRL till i couldn't twirl anymore. At least i would be huffing and puffing on my way home to be able to get home and tell someone about what i had learned!

After moving from this condo, we moved to my favorite home ever on Cordova Street, where i was able to run up and down freely in my driveway and be the best ballerina ever! Which is what the above picture presents : Me excited in our new driveway in my new outfit!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm alive, i swear. I've been SO busy lately, every day is either work or school. And then the one days i have fully off.... i have a list of stuff i need to do ( and then i end up sitting on the couch for 5 hours straight watching Law & Order marathons on TNT, lol).

Every saturday that I have off for the next month is booked; Kevin and I have our nephews 1st birthday this saturday, next saturday i have to take my WPE exam at school, and so on and so on.

I hope everyone else is doing good and eventually i'll try to make some decent post!!

p.s. i'm freaking out because i've been procrastinating on so many wedding things, and it's coming up in 4 1/2 months!! I still have yet to get a DJ booked.... register.... eek, i'll shut up now :)