Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas From Us !!

We hope you all have a great holiday and can enjoy this time to be with your family and friends. We get to be with Kevin's family for a night of unwrapping gifts and having fun, and then we are off to Arizona to be with my side of the family for more gifts and love :)

Most of our gifts are wrapped and ready to go :) I had fun wrapping them while Kevin observed ... haha.

So have a wonderful christmas with everyone, we love you all!

-Kevin & Christie W.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hootie & The Blowfish

Introducing : Hootie and the Blowfish!!

Ok .... so sorry. I know this is a terrible photo. Kevin and I are trying to figure out how to get better pictures of these guys .... but it's hard! At our new condo .... we have a family of owls. Mamma, Papa and two babies. We named them "Hootie & The Blowfish." ( Yeah, I know. We are real clever). When we first moved in .... we kept hearing this random screeching at night. We thought it might have been an alarm on the back of the Kohl's building, but Kevin one night noticed something sticking out of a vent. With the use of the flashlight, we were able to see our new friends :)
Above is a picture of the Mom sticking out of their home. There are two holes like this in the building, and the babies live in one and then the parents use the other one as their look-out for food. Every night, we love to listen to the little guys call for food, and then the parents show up and swoop around .... making the little ones happy and proud. So far they have been good with us taking their photos .... if only we could get them to come a little closer ....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants is a historical novel written by Sara Gruen. I hadn't previously heard of this book, but Kevin's Mom loaned it to me to read and apparently it has been a pretty big hit for a while.
This book is based on a character named Jacob who flees from his hometown after his parents have been killed in an accident. Jacob was attending Cornell and decided to get up and leave, realizing he couldn't live in the town where his parents were killed. He then joins a circus called The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth, where he is thrown into the bizarre world of the circus crowd. Jacob meets many characters that test his strengths and weaknesses, and even his devotion to the heroin Marlena, the head trainer's wife.

I enjoyed this book for many reasons: it gives the reader a rare look into the world of "circus freaks" and still gives the reader the fictional tale they desire. The story is written as a memoir from Jacob, as he sits in an old folks home and desires to go to the circus that has just come to town. It's a tale of true tests while the reader watches Jacob struggle to maintain his own moral compass while falling in love.

Out of a 5 star rating, I would give this story a 3 1/2. It was a good quick read and I am now more interested in the world of the "circus life", but it ended a little too abruptly and perfectly for my liking.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Book Club

Soo.. i've decided that I want to start reviewing books for you all. For everyone that knows me, I always have a book with me: in my purse, in my car, near my bed, at work, etc. It's definitely my addiction :)

I go through about 2-3 books a month, so I decided that I will review the books I read as soon as I finish them for you all :) It would be awesome to hear all your input, and hopefully I can encourage some of you to pick up certain books and try them out. I'm currently reading Water For Elephants, so I'll let you know the outcome


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Cheer

Greetings Everyone! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving & Halloween. I always begin these posts talking about how busy I have been ... and shockingly, I have once again been so busy I haven't had time to post. I am so happy about it being December. This is my favorite month of the year; it includes cold weather, presents, happy people and getting to be with family (and even going more into debt buying presents! Ohh fun).

Kevin and I have finally moved. We are now living in Orange County, residing in little ol' Seal Beach. For those of you who don't know, we found a little condo to move into and we just moved in this weekend. It was kinda bad timing-Thanksgiving, lots of homework, moving, Kevin's birthday, etc. But it was better timing than during the summer around the wedding :) But we are all settled in and slowly clearing all the boxes out.

For Thanksgiving we went to Kevin's parent's home. We ate some yummy food and I spent the evening cooking with my mom-in-law :) The week before I also went to "Friendsgiving" with the co-workers, which was a blast.

Elena, Kristy, Shelby and I also got the chance to go see Dane Cook at the opening of the Long Beach Laugh Factory. It was a fun experience, but I probably wouldn't pay another $50 to go see him again.

For now, this is what has been going on in the life of Christie. Now onward to writing my final term papers!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ninja Cat Video

No matter how many times I see this video I can't stop laughing .... enjoy Ninja Kitty!

Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween :)

Sorry for the lack of updates ..... why do I feel like my blog always begins that way? Haha.
We've been busy, BUSY and more busy. All is great though. I just survived my midterms. I can't handle my grammar class anymore, but I'm sticking through it and will survive. It looks like Kevin and I are going to be moving within the next month! Nothing is 100% yet, but it looks as if we will be moving into a Condo in the Seal Beach/Rosmoore area. We have been in our current apartment for 3 1/2 years now - good LORD time flies by fast. But we are ready for a new place, and we are excited for this. So I'll keep you updated as we get updates :)

This election coming up has me all up in jumbles. I'm not one to broadcast my beliefs and who/what I'll be voting for, but I'm definitely still undecided on a lot of things. I'm still doing a lot of research and making sure I understand the pros and cons of a bunch of things, but I have a feeling I won't completely know all of my decisions till I get to that poll Tuesday morning. I hope everyone gets out there and votes though ..... and don't you all love how Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerrys are giving away free things to people who vote? Haha.

" Did you vote?"
" Duh! Look at my red white and blue doughnut!"

I wasn't able to follow through with becoming a foster parent to the animals in local shelters. I got that crappy flu that everyone had on the day of my orientation, and the next orientation isn't until November. But now..... with Kevin and I moving I'm not sure I should make this commitment till we are all settled in. ( Or maybe I can just persuade Kevin to get me a Kitten or a small dog for my birthday ;) )

I hope everyone has a safe and great Halloween! I'll be spending it serving coffee to all those teens dressed as god knows what lol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time for an update!

Herro everyone :)

Lots has been going on lately. The good, the bad, the ugly ... haha.

Unfortunately, my Uncle Jerry passed away on September 28th. We haven't been able to figure out the details, but it was something with his Pancreas. He was only 50 years old, and had never drank/smoked, was always active, and was currently helping his 13 year old daughter keep up with her Junior Olympic standing in Skiing. We are waiting on the toxicology reports to help us heal our hearts with all these feelings of unanswered questions and feelings. My Uncle Jerry was an amazing person, a talented man, and a man who loved to make others laugh. We had the funeral on Sunday, and talk about emotions. This was only my second funeral and it was really tough. I just really hope that I can keep up with the feeling I have currently of taking advantage of every minute of my life, kissing and hugging my Husband as much as possible, and trying to make my Uncle proud.

Sorry for the rambling, but I just feel like I can never say enough about him and this story, and that I just hope that you all will go hug your best friend, Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son, etc. and let them know how much you love them :)

Onto the fun news! I have decided to become a Foster Parent to animals from the local shelters! My application was approved, and I am going to an orientation this Saturday. Basically, whenever a shelter has a animal(s) that are in need of constant attention, they will call me to come pick them up and I can keep them for some time until they are better and ready to be adopted. My job will consist of giving them love, a home for the time, helping them with any medications,etc. This will be a tough one though, with all the love and joy I will gain from this experience, I'm sure I will be getting some animals that have been abused or that just might not make it in the end, but at least I will know they were loved and taken care of in their last few days. So I'm sure I will be posting pictures and stories of the animals I receive so you can hear their stories and see how things work out! Wish me luck :)

Otherwise, everything else is normal and okay. Kevin is doing his same ol' routine with working a bunch. I'm going to school 4 days a week, working at the 'bucks, and now trying to spend as much time as possible with my Aunt and Cousin and helping them through this time :)

love you all, and HUGE hugs sent your way

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Twilight Saga

Is anyone else reading the Twilight books? I am AMAZED at how good they are. So far, I've read the first two and I'm waiting for the third to be delivered in the mail from my Mom :) I didn't think I would find another group of books that would make me so happy after the whole Harry Potter ordeal, but so far these have been just as good .... if not better. Is anyone else reading these? I highly recommend them, I'm sure they are favored by the females more because of the love story aspect ...... but I think the guys will love 'em too :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Domokun's Target Halloween Special

Kevin and I love our Domokun ... and this is just AMAZING. Just another reason to obsess over Target

Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Go!

Let's Go Dodgers!! Almost there!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Does anyone else feel like they are watching a fight between Preschoolers while watching these immature words being thrown back and forth between Obama and McCain? I'm not really a huge follower of politics ... I'll be the first to admit that. When I do turn the t.v. on and start watching the updates on the race, I can't help but feel embarrassed that these are our future leaders arguing about lipstick, he said-she said fights, and more.

I'm sorry, but I would rather watch these politicians out on the streets and helping people. Maybe using their money to help our Schools and Hospitals rather than be dressed up in suits and reading other peoples' words ....while comparing people to animals.

This isn't personally against one canidate or another, it's the whole political group that I just don't understand. Does anyone else feel this way?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Always a child at heart

This post from "C Jane Enjoy It" made my day. No, not just my day.. my MONTH. I hope it gives you as wide of a smile as it did for me.

When Chup and I drove to the cousin's house to pick the children up this afternoon Claire came out of the house with sad eyes.

"What is wrong?" I asked (always with a hint of panic).

"Well, it's just that we were going to go to the Secret Store. But now you are here."

Ahh the Secret Store.

When Stephanie was old enough to understand currency, but young enough to not rebel against her mother-given bowl cut, she had an uncontrollable sweet tooth. Candy, candy, candy always on her mind. Along with the desire for treats was another constant in Steph's life, her cousin (from across the street) Katie D. Katie D and treats. That pretty much sums up the first sixteen years of my sister's life.

One day Steph and Katie D were wondering around Wymount Terrace which is the glorious kingdom of student housing for married BYU students. As luck would have it, they discovered a miniature convenience store hidden away behind the student housing office. And behold, there were freshly baked brownies, cookies and chocolate donuts in plastic encasing ready for consumption! Who knew?

From that day forth, Steph and Katie D did just about anything they could to raise money for the benefit of Secret Store shopping. They went so far as to start a dried flower business built out of the old playhouse in the backyard. You could get a wreath of crusty roses for five dollars. Or a spray of browned daisies for your mantle (perfect for any season!) As I remember, Katie D was the wizard behind the business, while Steph did most of the design. But all orders were celebrated with a trip on a bike to buy the freshest donuts in town.

And here we are, a generation later still finding the joys in a trip to the Secret Store. How could we not oblige Claire and her wadded-up-dollar-bill-toting cousins?

So Chup and I drove them past the old church, over to the Wymount housing offices and parked in front of that very same store that Steph visited so often. That is when it dawned on me that it was still a secret to me as I had never before been inside.

"Wanna drink?" I asked Chup as the kiddies filed out of the car.

"Let's see . . ." He replied sarcastically reminding me that one cannot get a hard core drink on BYU campus. No Coke. No Mountain Dew. No Dr. Pepper. Nor Mr. Pib. Something about caffeine and addiction, I think. Good for us abstaining Mormons.

"Gaterade?" I suggested.

"Good enough." Chup succumbed.

The Secret Store is no bigger than an average master bedroom's closet in a newly constructed home. It looks to be fifty years old judging by the frosted brown linoleum flooring. There were two fridges, one for drinks, the other for BYU Farm dairy products. I first looked for Steph's beloved chocolate donuts, but only found mint brownies with a violent amount of kelly green frosting. The children grabbed ring pop, ring pop, ring pop, ring pop and skittles. A Fresca for me. Thank you.

After all the treats were purchased I took a moment to imagine Steph there twenty years ago. A smile pushing back her ample cheeks, short hair with bangs barely obstructing her vision, and of course, dazzling freckles. And there was Katie D counting out each penny. Giving Steph her cut of the dough with palms out flat. Then I could see Steph turning to the baked goods with eyes as big as the cookies inside. I couldn't help but think that I'd give just about anything in the world to have those days back.

Then, looking down at Claire and Jane laughing with their cousins as ring pops were placed on left index fingers, I realized.

I did have them back.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New! The Secret Life of Bees Trailer (HQ)

I love this book :) I can't wait for this movie to come out ... it looks amazing. What an amazing cast of people too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Show me some love!

I added a new add-on to my blog that I thought was neat. I know some of you actually follow this blog, but I really don't know who else! On the right hand side, I added a "follower" add-on. So click on it and add yourself to my "followers." And if you have your own blog, it's a good way to showcase yours to other people and spread the word.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Love for NieNie

Within the last year, I have become a fan of an amazing blog called The NieNie Dialogues. My Mom had entered the "blog world" lately and has found some fun blogs to keep up with. I found Stephanie's blog because of this, and instantly became addicted. Stephanie is amazing: she is always putting up amazing and retro-feeling pictures, has fun stories of her family and herself, and it was just an addicting blog in general.

Last week, Stephanie and her Husband were in a plane crash, unfortunately killing the Pilot and badly burning both Steph and her Hubby. Stephanie's Sister made a post on Steph's blog .... telling the unfortunate story to all of NieNie's blog fans. This was such a sad story, and I found myself constantly checking the blog for more updates. Apparently I wasn't alone .... hundreds and hundreds of other blog visitors were leaving desperate messages on the site wanting more information and asking "How can we help?!"

Stephanie's blog was so wonderful that it has attracted SO many others to want to help and keep up with the progress of the family. Stephanie and her family would always release balloons into the sky to celebrate birthdays and such, and as a tribute to Stephanie and her Husband, millions of families across the U.S. and other countries are now releasing balloons into the air and filming it, sending the videos with love and prayers to the family. I can't even begin to go on more about all the other things people have come up with to help out, but to put it simply it has been so moving that it even caught the attention of The New York Times.

Stephanie and her Husband are thankfully pulling through all the surgeries, skin grafts, etc. Poor Stephanie's body was burned over 80% , but she has been pulling through and the Doctors are just thrilled and shocked at her progress. Her sister has been taking care of the children, and she has made her own blog to give daily updates to all of Stephanie's fans.

So I'm including a link to this story for you guys to go check this all out if you get a chance. This whole story has made me feel SO inspiried. I feel for this family so much, and I just have so much respect and love for them all. They have kept a stiff upper lip through all of this and you can just feel the love by reading these blogs and comments. It's a daily encouragement for me to read, and hopefully will become one for you too :)


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time .... where did you go?

My goodness .... it's almost already September. I start school in three days .. we are expecting a new nephew hopefully this month ... and it's my Brother's 17th birthday ( which most likely means a trip to AZ). It's going to be a hectic month!

But then .... bring on the holidays!! ( and some more money too .... please?)

My classes for this semester at CSULB :

Shakespeare I
English Grammar
Children's Lit.
20th Century Lit.

So in other words.... this could be a fun semester! Or really, really terrible. Haha, wish me luck. I'm going to make an appointment soon with a counselor to make sure I'm on track for graduation next summer .. so we'll see!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

1988 Paul Hunt gymnastics comedy beam routine

This is what the Olympics need more often :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring back the 80s!

So I caved in and bought two dvd's from Target a few days ago for $5.99 each. To be honest, it's very rare that I have the urge to buy a dvd, but sometimes I see something that I just can't resist. And to prove that point ..... here were my impulse buys:

I couldn't resist :) I grew up on these two movies .... and I can't wait to torture my own kids one day with them!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Nephew and I! He is going to be a big brother soon ..... which means Kevin and I are going to be an Aunt and Uncle again :) Kevin's sister is due soon .... so I'll give updates when they are ready!


A new little makeover for my blog! Soon again I shall begin blogging some more. I've just been a tad busy .... welcome to married life. I surely do love having Kevin be my "Hubby" now. Or when we are in a ghetto mood ..... my "H-Dub" or "Hubdizzle."

Haha :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summertime hours

Geesh it's almost 2am and i'm not tired in the least bit. I feel like my day has just begun. But because I have to stay sane and realistic, i need to push myself into bed and just wait till i fall asleep. Good ol' summertime hours are throwing me off! lol. During summer, i always get into funky sleep patterns. As of right now, i sleep to much and then start my days late in the evening. For example: I go to bed around 2am, wake up at 10am and have breakfast and watch The View (yeah yeah i know, but it's mildly entertaining watching those women argue first thing in the morning). So after this ..... i kinda veg and sit on the couch, watching the other crap on t.v. I finally decide there is nothing on worth watching, so i say to myself, " You know what, because it's summer you can.... just go back to bed!" So i do..... and into a 1 1/2 -2 hour nap lol. This leaves me totally energized and i start to want to go out and run errands around 3pm. I feel completely awake around 7 or 8 pm and stay up on my laptop or gaming until about 1 or 2 am.

So yeah, my schedule is going to need some serious re-training once school begins and I have to start working 8am shifts at work, sigh.

So in other words, i need to just enjoy being able to do whatever i want to do until the responsibilities start crawling in! haha. We'll see how that one works...

Monday, July 14, 2008

One Wedding down, onto the next!

Herro everyone! So we are still waiting on our professional photos of the wedding, but trust me you'll see them as soon as they turn up! :o)

Yesterday was Amanda's Bridal shower! Amanda was one of my bridesmaids and a good friend of Kevin and I's. But most of you know her anyways :) haha. I used my camera for about the last half of the shower, so here is the link to the pictures : Amanda's Bridal Shower

We had fun playing games and a bunch of stuff, we even did Toilet Paper Bride and attacked Stacie haha. Here are some pictures of the afternoon !

Saturday, July 12, 2008

And now.....

i'm currently blogging on our other blog right now so go to this blog

and then you can read more blogs!! ( Did i make this all as confusing as possible? lol)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why hello there folks :)

Everything in the last few months has been SO hectic. But finally, with three weeks to go until the wedding, things are finally coming together and everything feels great. I had my wonderful Bachlorette party, my Bridal shower has happened, and still more festivities to be had! Amanda took me as a present to Disneyland yesterday, and we had so much fun. We were both Brides attacking the town of Disney! Now this weekend, I have my Bachlorette party with my fellow Starbuckians!

Kevin had his amazing Bachelor Party this last weekend in San Diego with his boys. Here are a few pictures from that to share :Thankfully, they all returned safely .... although they all probably napped for about 4 hours once they arrived home. ( I know for a fact kevin did, lol)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bridal Shower

This last weekend I had my bridal shower, and it was wonderful! It was low key, comfy, and so personable. It had been a long time since I had seen a lot of people who were able to come, so it was so nice to be able to catch up with them all, since I probably won't have much time to chat at the wedding. The shower was at my Mom's best friend Judi's home. Judi has always treated me like a daughter, and I was so happy having my shower at her home. Here are some pictures to share with you guys :) I'm sure there will be more coming soon...
Thanks again to everyone who came :) I hope you guys had fun too!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

morning after : ick!

These are the last few pictures that we took on our way home from our long and amazing weekend :) We stopped by a Bagel Place on campus, and had a nice hungover breakfast of bagels and water. After that, we got into our separate cars and headed home ( with the exception of seeing a brand new Lohemans that had opened up, so we had to stop there!)

Bachlorette Party Part II

On Saturday (after accomplishing a full night of partying in downtown SB), we woke up and headed over UCSB's campus. Pam & Crystal both attended UCSB, so we were given a tour down memory lane and hung out for a while. We got bin candy (which was VERY needed) and we devoured it while we listened to music in the park.

After a nice day out and about in SB, we got all fancied up, & BM Anabelle showed up! So we all headed out to dinner. We were all pretty much exhausted and needed to eat, so we devoured what was put in front of us, haha.

From left to right: Brittani, BM Pamela, Michelle, MOH Crystal, BM Nicole, Bride Christie, and BM Anabelle! (BM Tiffany and BM Amanda were missing)

by the way:
BM= bridesmaid MOH= maid of honor

After taking some cute pictures with everyone, we then headed back to Motel Hacienda to get ready for a party in the room, and then eventually head back out again since we were getting noise complaints from our lovely downstairs neighbors haha.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bachlorette Party Part 1

So this post is completely late .... but with the crazy last few weeks of my life with finals, work, and more .... it had to come a tad late :) My B-Party was amazing. Although, i will never be able to party that hard in my life ever again, haha. It was definitely a " try to re-live the good ol' days" and most of us barely survived! Bridesmaid Nicole drove up from San Diego to my place in the LBC, and we then headed over to Bridesmaid Pam's home in Pasadena. I wasn't sure where we were going, so Pam was going to take us to our destination!

After a nice drive up the coast, i realized we were going to Santa Barbara. So Brittani, Pamela, Nicole and I stopped and went shopping for a bit, and then headed to the most amazing place ever: The Hacienda Motel in SB. This would be our place of residence for the weekend, and it was so classic and ghetto fabulous :) We loved it! haha Once we arrived, maid of honor Crystal showed up, and then bridesmaid Tiffany showed up ...... and we got ready for our first night of fun!

We then headed out to downtown Santa Barbara in our costumes. My costume was my hand made t-shirt from crystal that was glitter gel penned with " christie the bride" on it, and then on the back candies hanging from my fake veil. The veil kept falling throughout the night though so it slowly turned into a little chain around my neck and then a veil kite! haha. The girls wore little face masks with feathers on them, and we all had pins on us with nametags of made up names. ( we didn't want any stalkers that night!)

And then the night ended up with us getting some munchies at Dennys:
We were all pretty drunk at this point, having fun with our cups of water and straws ( as demonstrated by Crystal in the back). That's me collapsed over on the table, but Nicole and Tiff both look pretty sane to me!

I'll have another update in the chronicles of Christie's Bachlorette party to follow soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008


humorous pictures
more cat pictures

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So i have a new website that i am totally obsessed with. And for all you fellow book lovers out there, i hope you can enjoy it! Kevin's mom got me hooked, and i've had a few friends add it too. It's called Shelfari.

It's an online book lovers community basically, and you have your own personal " shelf " that you can add books that you've read onto. It has pretty decent images of books, and it looks like a cute little bookshelf. It's a good research site too, for people that want book reviews, or even who want to rate and give reviews themselves. Looking at other people's book shelves has helped me compile a list of books that i want to accomplish reading this summer .... I need to find some entertaining ones out there to read while on the beach for the honeymoon :) ( I'll help you edit yours if you need help Nathan! lol).

So go to and check it out, you can " add me" as a friend, just type in my name : Christie Nardoni. Kev is on there too and other friends of mine. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

To stay sane would be something that is quite insane

Lets see: My life in a bucket.

Monday - 1 final Monday (done)

Tuesday - pick up bridesmaid dresses, call academic advisor, call florist,
-call Calamigos, call orthodontist
-cram study for my 3 finals wednesday, and then work from 2:15pm-10:30pm.

Wednesday - grammar final , theatre today final, then theory of fiction and film final at 7:15pm

Thursday - work 8am-4pm ( or something like that) then come home and figure out cupcake and florists situations

Friday: take bridesmaid dresses to them, go get my dress sized up / measured and then altered ( in which i still need to find a friend who will go with me :( )
Saturday: run errands all day, get car and apartment deep cleaned, try to rest
Sunday: work 9-5pm .. ugh.

so basically, my week is insane. It felt good writing this out, but beware for readers: you might become stressed out yourselves. Good Luck to me!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend away!

I'm off to my Bachlorette Party!! I don't know where i'm going, so it's all a big ol' surprise that my Italian Sister Crystal has pulled off. Apparently she went glue gun happy for some outfits.... so who knows what is in store for me. Eek. lol. So i'm sure i'll have some fun pictures to share when i get back Sunday. Everyone keep Kev some company while i'm gone!

Also, i got my top braces off yesterday. It feels amazing. Now we just have to wait for my bottom teeth to start moving so we can get the bottom ones off.They are being extremely stubborn, sigh.

Ok love you all! Wish me luck this weekend and to come back in one whole piece!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So happy

So tonight i came home from a long day at work ( but a nice fun grilled cheese dinner at Harbor House with the girls afterwards), and three days after sending out our wedding invitations ..... i come home to 5 RESPONSES ALREADY!!! We got 5 of our little envelopes back in the mail today, and all with " we will attend" checked off :)

We feel so loved, thanks you guys !

Here are those dorky first gift photos btw:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Perfect Quote

"Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength."

Thanks Crystal :)

Our First Present

As dorky as it is, i was so thrilled to have received our first wedding gift! It was from my stepfather's sister ( so my Aunt) and her husband. They are having their first baby in June so they'll be a tad bit to busy to stop by the wedding :) We were totally surprised that they got us a gift, it made me feel so loved and happy. So, Thankyou Anne-Marie and Rich!

I'll post some pictures when i'm not at school, it's taking forever to load here.

Hope everyone is doing great otherwise. Kev and I are definitely getting giddy about the wedding now :) So please excuse our " cuteness" if you have to witness it firsthand, haha.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Step done!!

The invitations have been ordered!!! yay!

Now back to reality after my wonderful spring break in Arizona with the family :(
but 6 more weeks of school left! ( i think)

Also, if you guys read Kevin and I's wedding website, there are some updates on there too

Can i also praise the happiness that two smores flavored pop tarts can cause when eaten for breakfast? YUM. That pretty much sums up my spring break: pop tarts, 4 dogs, 1 cat and 1 hen, and Souplantation.

next on wedding lists:

-plan honeymoon
-get invitations addressed and out
-figure out all of our music
-meet with our florist to finalize things
- go over to our choices of registry and make sure those are all ready to be viewed :)
- figure out vows
-kevin's suit ... groomsmen
-get my dress altered and get my girl's dresses all together
- bachelortte and bachelor parties!!

ok this list is getting to long... and what's sad is i have a bunch more things to list.... i shall spare you all :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally, fun news for me!

I'm very happy .... so far i have had a week full of good news, which is definitely a nice change from the last few months! Yesterday i found out that my physical came back perfect. I had a physical about two weeks ago and had my blood drawn, etc. But no worries whatsoever! Perfect cholesterol, my thyroid is fine ( they thought i might have a hyper-thyroid which would explain my sleeping issues lately), perfect blood pressure, etc. My other good news was that i found out that i passed my Written Proficiency Exam at CSULB :) I thought it was way to easy of a written test, but everyone kept telling me to not give my hopes up because their form of grading those tests are ridiculously hard. But, it came back and i passed with flying colors. Woot!

I get to go visit my mom and brother this week in AZ for spring break so i am happy :) I tend to love going to AZ now, it's a home away from home and a nice getaway, plus with great home cooked meals lol. I will miss Kev though :( And, i will be spending most of it doing all the homework that was assigned during spring break ... sigh. I would of stayed around here, but i honestly didn't want to spend my spring break bored and working; all of my friends are out of town/country and Kev will be working and going to Dodger games. At least the Dodger game part is fun :)

Hope everyone else is great! Have a good spring break too!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yer face

Humorous Pictures
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Pyschiatric Ward called School

As i sit here in the student union at CSULB, i'm taking in deep breaths and trying to relax and focus on my Norton Anthology of English Literature. Fanny Fern talking about women and their existence as understood by men, Emerson talking about " The American Scholar" and Frederick Douglass bringing back terrible memories of growing up on a slave farm and the mistreatment of pure human beings by others. That all sounds so uplifting doesn't it? I always wonder why literature tends to be so depressing. Maybe happy literature would just be to boring. Then again, who was happy during 1820-1865?

Don't get me wrong, I love school and i treasure these moments of sitting with my regular ice blended mocha from Coffee Bean (along with it's perfectly paired blueberry muffin), in the Student Union. But has anyone ever really watched all the other students around them? I was watching others today and trying my best not to laugh. It's hilarious at some of the things that go on around you that you don't notice on a normal basis!

I have my American Lit. Professor sitting in front of me reading a self help book. This i find very interesting. I don't think he notices me in the corner though (thankfully). But i'll be seeing him in two hours for his wonderful midterm. To the other side of me, i have this girl who is loudly reciting her chemistry formulas out loud, and then softly cursing her book when she can't remember a certain formula. About 4 other students near by are completely knocked out in these amazingly comfy chairs the school provides. Some look like they are ready to fall off their chairs, and some have a combination of chairs so they can completely lay down. Two girls just walked behind me, and i swear the blonde said the word " like" about 11 times before walking 10 feet. ( Welcome to cal state long beach, lol)

I just love how odd students can be. We must look like a circus at times, talking to ourselves, cursing our books, falling asleep every chance we get, and more. But we all completely understand each other, because we are going through the same daily cycle of eat, study, eat, work, study, sleep. I think I've been reading to much literature .....

yay for spring break!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wedding pictures and updates

Wedding update, with pictures!

Here are my shoes!!! I finally ended up getting the pair i had wanted, and i LOVE them. At first i was scared about trying to pull off red wedding shoes, but i decided that i'm so in love with these that it will be worth it haha.

Here is the back of the bridesmaid dresses.... I would show more but they needed to be tailored and what not, as you can tell by the length :) But also, i didn't want to give to much away! And also, the lovely model bridesmaid is Ms. Amanda :) haha

And here is a dorky picture of my brother and i working on cookie's for the wedding with a fondant icing that we were experimenting with. It was really fun, i've become obsessed with fondant, and you can buy it for a pretty good price at Michaels, and just dye it to whatever color you desire. Plus it tastes amaaazing. My poor brother wasn't enjoying this as much as my mom and I though... hahaI apologize for my brother's hair. I call this his Will Ferrel look .... i guess it's called being 16 again haha.

So far we've gotten pretty much all of our vendors booked, but we just need to do the cake. We even bought our wedding rings last weekend. I don't want to pick mine up though, because i know if i have it in the apartment i won't be able to contain myself from wearing it haha. Now we just need to focus on our songs for the wedding, which is looking to be a lot harder than i thought. You know, it sure is complicated throwing such a huge party!