Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feeling Accomplished!

I've definitely been in a great mood lately :) I've been working only weekdays ( for some reason my manager has felt the need to give me weekends off... who am i to complain!) and school is tough, but it's so much nicer taking classes that i actually am interested in, rather than those wonderful GE requirements we all have to take.

My Linguistics is a killer.... it's a lot of reading but it's interesting learning how infants learn their language skills and how ESL speakers deal with their issues of speech. I had my first " I really am in college now" experience too! My Comic Spirit teacher decided to bring his Rum bottle to class last Thursday and take a swig of it while teaching. Now mind you... that probably is 100% wrong and i'm sure the Faculty wouldn't be happy if they knew, but it was HILARIOUS. It got me to wake up and listen... which is always a plus. My other classes are okay, just a lot of short story reading and comparing ideas. I'm reading about 3 hours a day of homework. The life of an English Major. ( Sorry Harry Potter, your going to be ignored for a very long time until i decide to like books again)

I went out with one of my bridesmaids ( Amanda!) on Sat. and we went bridesmaid dress shopping :) I've been stressing myself out to much by looking at things online : i've been filling my brain with to many ideas and i've become overwhelmed. But once we went into a store, 5 dresses later I picked one. I've learned i need to just go look at things and quit researching as much as I have been. The dresses are gorgeous and i'm excited to see all of my girls in them looking amazing ! Only 9 more months to go till the wedding.... now onto save the dates, finding a DJ, an Officiant, and a florist. Any recommendations?

A Change of Heart

Ok, normally i dislike Kanye West. But this SNL video made me laugh and kind of like him a tad more .... this is just to funny. " OH HELLLL NO!"

Monday, September 24, 2007

Party Cake!

Process of planning a wedding summed up in a short video, haha.

Monday, September 17, 2007

RIP Disneyland Pass

Dear Disneyland Pass,

Oh, how we will miss you. For the past 6 years Kevin and I have had you. We've watched your price rise faster than the housing market, but we still stood by. We spent many days and nights at your park, being there for openings such as The Tower of Terror, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and more. After seeing your price raised to the skyrocketing $359.00, we have decided to let you go. We shall miss you greatly. Kevin shall miss running into the trash cans on purpose, or kicking kids heads while trying to get through the traffic of OC teens and parents. I shall miss people watching and observing parents that bring their 2 month olds and then freak out when the child starts to cry on Pirates of the Carribean. But most of all, we'll miss the memories of our date nights together.

So until we win the lottery and can become passholders again.....

- Kevin and Christie

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Vintage Sweet Peas

So i finally finished my mother's website! I took on this task during the summer and wanted to help my Mom out starting her new business. She makes vintage dresses, t-shirts, jackets and more for little girls out of vintage linens that she has found.

Vintage Sweet Peas

So go check it out if you can :) They are really cute to look at and if you know anyone that sells items like these or would be interested in them, pass along the link please ! Since we are new.... the word of mouth really helps.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

A few of my favorite things


The reds in this wedding above are amazing. I'm trying to find bridesmaid dresses in this color, but it just feels so romantic and fun at the same time. Cake is a little to grandma-ish for me though, haha.


This wedding called out to me in a heartbeat. Kevin and I want to try to have a candy table, like the one featured in the above picture, and i love the theme of the seating cards. I have the most creative friends and i know i'm going to have so much fun making all these things with them and my mom. I'm definitely going to try and see how many diy projects i can do to save money. There is no harm in trying and i will feel so accomplished and i hope it will make the wedding more personal :) The colors in the above wedding are amazing too

photos courtesy of my new favorite website :

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Starbucks has kidnapped my brain & sanity

So i'm 100% stuck. To be honest and get to the point, i hate my job. There was a time when i once loved working for Starbucks : i loved the culture of it, i loved those rainy days serving people coffee and laughing with my coworkers over our lives. I built so many great friendships when i use to live in Glendale at my old store, and it was an amazing job. Now, i've been with the company for 5+ years and i am struggling to stay sane. I'm not happy when i come home, sometimes i'm ready to cry because i'm sick of listening to people complaining about their lives and me holding most of the weight on my shifts. I feel bad for all the times Kevin has had to listen to me complaining and being upset.

But here's my problem and where I'm stuck and sucked in. I've been with the company for a LONG time, which means i'm getting paid pretty well for being only a shift lead. I get full time benefits for only working part time. I get stock. I get tips. I get amazing hours and the flexibility is amazing, i'm in control of it all. So how do i leave? I know once Kevin and I get married i can be put onto his benefits if i need to..... but that's not till next summer. I just am to comfortable and don't know how to leave. I guess this is the downside of being with a company so long , i'm to comfortable and am scared of having to go through the process of interviews and such again. But also, i can't find another part time job that will pay me decently and give me the hours i want ( since i'm at school currently).

I wish i would have gotten out of working for Starbucks a long time ago. I wouldn't be stuck in the vortex that i am now. Hm...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding Site

So i finally posted some pictures of the LA Equestrian Center where Kevin and I will be getting married next June :) Like i said, it's at the LA Equestrian Center - Calamigos Ranch, in Burbank, CA. It's across the street from Pickwick for those of you who know where that is.

So here are the pictures from the last time i went there to check it out. Enjoy :)

Wedding Site

p.s. I'm so excited :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Poor, Poor Brit

Dear Britney Spears,
I was semi looking forward to watching you prove yourself to everyone out there that
a) Dislikes you
b) Thinks your on drugs 24/7
c) Thinks your talent disappeared ( the little that there was)
d) Thinks you always lip-sync to your own music
e) Thinks you weren't sane anymore and you could never have a comeback

You failed. And wow, did you ever! At least she did a great job at failing miserably?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So first i'll start with the good news. I really love school :) I started yesterday and i feel like i finally belong to a college ( Since now i'm at a REAL college! Like that reference Jesica?). I was able to see a lot of people that i knew and had fun having my classes with Shannon. Shannon's a coworker of mine who is also majoring in English Lit. / Education so we can take our classes together and help each other out. I'm taking 4 classes : Comparative World Lit., Ethnic Writers, Linguistics, and The Comic Spirit. I have a LOT of reading and writing to do, but it's what i get for being an English major, right? So in other words, it's going to be hard..... but i'm really happy at CSULB, it's beautiful there and i can't wait to meet more people and just have fun.

Ok.... now onto my FREAKING PAIN. Sorry, haha. I went to the dentist today. I've always liked going to the dentist, i've been lucky and have never had a cavity or worse. Two weeks ago i went, and i was told i had two cavities. So of course i was worried and expected the worse, just because i've never had anything happen with my teeth. So, today was my appointment for my fillings. In the middle of them and smelling that disgusting smell of my teeth being shaved down, my dentist realized that i didn't just have a cavity ..... i had a tooth that needed a root canal! So to make a long story short, i had 1/2 the root canal done today... and then i'm going back next wednesday to have it finished. But, next wednesday i also am getting my braces tightened for the first time.

So in other words, i'll be nice and high on meds next wednesday, so if you want to be amused, call me :)

Sorry, this turned more into a rant. But my mouth is throbbing currently and i needed to rant just a tad bit......