Wednesday, May 28, 2008

morning after : ick!

These are the last few pictures that we took on our way home from our long and amazing weekend :) We stopped by a Bagel Place on campus, and had a nice hungover breakfast of bagels and water. After that, we got into our separate cars and headed home ( with the exception of seeing a brand new Lohemans that had opened up, so we had to stop there!)

Bachlorette Party Part II

On Saturday (after accomplishing a full night of partying in downtown SB), we woke up and headed over UCSB's campus. Pam & Crystal both attended UCSB, so we were given a tour down memory lane and hung out for a while. We got bin candy (which was VERY needed) and we devoured it while we listened to music in the park.

After a nice day out and about in SB, we got all fancied up, & BM Anabelle showed up! So we all headed out to dinner. We were all pretty much exhausted and needed to eat, so we devoured what was put in front of us, haha.

From left to right: Brittani, BM Pamela, Michelle, MOH Crystal, BM Nicole, Bride Christie, and BM Anabelle! (BM Tiffany and BM Amanda were missing)

by the way:
BM= bridesmaid MOH= maid of honor

After taking some cute pictures with everyone, we then headed back to Motel Hacienda to get ready for a party in the room, and then eventually head back out again since we were getting noise complaints from our lovely downstairs neighbors haha.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bachlorette Party Part 1

So this post is completely late .... but with the crazy last few weeks of my life with finals, work, and more .... it had to come a tad late :) My B-Party was amazing. Although, i will never be able to party that hard in my life ever again, haha. It was definitely a " try to re-live the good ol' days" and most of us barely survived! Bridesmaid Nicole drove up from San Diego to my place in the LBC, and we then headed over to Bridesmaid Pam's home in Pasadena. I wasn't sure where we were going, so Pam was going to take us to our destination!

After a nice drive up the coast, i realized we were going to Santa Barbara. So Brittani, Pamela, Nicole and I stopped and went shopping for a bit, and then headed to the most amazing place ever: The Hacienda Motel in SB. This would be our place of residence for the weekend, and it was so classic and ghetto fabulous :) We loved it! haha Once we arrived, maid of honor Crystal showed up, and then bridesmaid Tiffany showed up ...... and we got ready for our first night of fun!

We then headed out to downtown Santa Barbara in our costumes. My costume was my hand made t-shirt from crystal that was glitter gel penned with " christie the bride" on it, and then on the back candies hanging from my fake veil. The veil kept falling throughout the night though so it slowly turned into a little chain around my neck and then a veil kite! haha. The girls wore little face masks with feathers on them, and we all had pins on us with nametags of made up names. ( we didn't want any stalkers that night!)

And then the night ended up with us getting some munchies at Dennys:
We were all pretty drunk at this point, having fun with our cups of water and straws ( as demonstrated by Crystal in the back). That's me collapsed over on the table, but Nicole and Tiff both look pretty sane to me!

I'll have another update in the chronicles of Christie's Bachlorette party to follow soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008


humorous pictures
more cat pictures

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So i have a new website that i am totally obsessed with. And for all you fellow book lovers out there, i hope you can enjoy it! Kevin's mom got me hooked, and i've had a few friends add it too. It's called Shelfari.

It's an online book lovers community basically, and you have your own personal " shelf " that you can add books that you've read onto. It has pretty decent images of books, and it looks like a cute little bookshelf. It's a good research site too, for people that want book reviews, or even who want to rate and give reviews themselves. Looking at other people's book shelves has helped me compile a list of books that i want to accomplish reading this summer .... I need to find some entertaining ones out there to read while on the beach for the honeymoon :) ( I'll help you edit yours if you need help Nathan! lol).

So go to and check it out, you can " add me" as a friend, just type in my name : Christie Nardoni. Kev is on there too and other friends of mine. Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

To stay sane would be something that is quite insane

Lets see: My life in a bucket.

Monday - 1 final Monday (done)

Tuesday - pick up bridesmaid dresses, call academic advisor, call florist,
-call Calamigos, call orthodontist
-cram study for my 3 finals wednesday, and then work from 2:15pm-10:30pm.

Wednesday - grammar final , theatre today final, then theory of fiction and film final at 7:15pm

Thursday - work 8am-4pm ( or something like that) then come home and figure out cupcake and florists situations

Friday: take bridesmaid dresses to them, go get my dress sized up / measured and then altered ( in which i still need to find a friend who will go with me :( )
Saturday: run errands all day, get car and apartment deep cleaned, try to rest
Sunday: work 9-5pm .. ugh.

so basically, my week is insane. It felt good writing this out, but beware for readers: you might become stressed out yourselves. Good Luck to me!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend away!

I'm off to my Bachlorette Party!! I don't know where i'm going, so it's all a big ol' surprise that my Italian Sister Crystal has pulled off. Apparently she went glue gun happy for some outfits.... so who knows what is in store for me. Eek. lol. So i'm sure i'll have some fun pictures to share when i get back Sunday. Everyone keep Kev some company while i'm gone!

Also, i got my top braces off yesterday. It feels amazing. Now we just have to wait for my bottom teeth to start moving so we can get the bottom ones off.They are being extremely stubborn, sigh.

Ok love you all! Wish me luck this weekend and to come back in one whole piece!