Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

A lovely weekend getaway keeps the doctors away

It was time for a vacation and a birthday celebration, which ended up taking Kevin and I towards the lovely town of San Diego :)
We were able to stay at the San Diego Hilton Resort & Spa (totally a 5 star rating from us) and we decided to just play the weekend by however we felt. The best part was that everything was pretty much my choice as my present from Kevin, so of course we were able to get some shopping and Borders thrown into the weekend. We went to Sea World on Sunday and had a bunch of fun just walking around.

Here was our dolphin friend saying "hello" to us :)

We pretty much hit up all the attractions that we could, and I have to admit I got extremely creeped out with the eels (ugh). Although apparently we share the same nose shape, lol.

So after our Seaworld trip, we had fun and got some dinner and drinks and enjoyed our time. The next day we hit up some more shopping (more like good ol' window shopping) and we went to Shoreline Village which is a cute little place full of shops and just gorgeous views. We met a little friend who I would like to name "Carrie Bradshaw" because he/she was quite the bird in the city.

We were having fun feeding him some chocolate chip coffe cake and watching him fight off his friends. He claimed us and definitely wasn't in the mood to share! And of course .... some little kid came by and decided to chase our friend off. ( Thanks buddy :P )

So after some fun in good ol' San Diego .... Kevin and I took the city streets home and stopped by a fun beach we saw, collected some rocks and pebbles, and headed back to home sweet home :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Introducing ...


Sidd is the new addition to our family :)

On our trip to Arizona for Christmas, my mom surprised me with a cat for my present. She knew I had wanted the company of an animal for a while now .... so she took it upon herself to fix that!

Sidd (which is short for Siddhartha) is an original Siamese breed (rather than those "new" Siamese cats that are bred for shows and such, the ones with the skinny faces and extra large ears). He was three months old when we got him, and he has already grown a ton. He is now a healthy 6 pound little dude and he will probably end up being pretty large once he grows up :)

So (since I am now obviously a proud mother) I will be keeping you guys posted with fun pictures and stories of the little guy.